Salt Ash Public School raise funds for a playground

Leo, Riley and Zali are excited to see the playground become a reality.
Leo, Riley and Zali are excited to see the playground become a reality.


WHEN you’re a child, there’s not much better than playing on the playground with your buddies.

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The children at Salt Ash Public School do not currently have any playground equipment for the students to play on at lunch, or to use for fitness lessons.

This beautiful, small school work tirelessly to provide their students with the very best educational experience at school, and a large part of this experience is also the social interaction with friends, and physical activity.

The school’s hardworking P&C have made it their mission to provide this much needed equipment for their students, and have been fundraising for many years now to raise the funds to support the school and its desire for some playground equipment.

They have organised Barbecues, special event days, pie drives and the list goes on.

Their latest fundraising venture is one the entire community can get involved in.

The wonderful team at BP Salt Ash, across the road from Salt Ash Public School, heard about the school’s fundraising efforts and want to assist the school with fundraising for playground equipment.

On Friday 24 November, for every customer that comes through the door, BP Salt Ash will donate $1 to Salt Ash Public School.

On this day also, Loyalty Members will receive a 20c per litre discount.

Holly Deguara, relieving Principal of Salt Ash Public School told News Of The Area, “Currently the students have a lot of grassed area to run around on and play soccer and other sports on, but there is no playground equipment for the children to play on.”

“When the students heard that the P&C were working hard to fundraise for a playground they were so excited, and it’s all they talk about in the playground and ask many times a week when is the playground being built!”

“The playground will not only be used by students at lunch and recess, but for class fitness lessons, and to develop gross motor skills for students who require it,” she said.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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