Santa is on his way to Tilligerry

Santa and his RFS friends.


WELL girls and boys, Santa is packing his sacks with lots of lollies for the good boys and girls of Tilligerry and will be coming down a street near you on Saturday 18 December.

There are a few changes this year and he will not be visiting some streets so you might have to walk up to the corner to get the lollies.

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You can check Santa’s route by clicking on the Tilligerry RFS facebook page.

Look at the map of the streets he will be coming down.

He can even be tracked on the site that day so you will know exactly where he is.

Santa’s lolly run goes back as far as most people can remember.

Indeed, if your parents grew up here they will tell you of what happened in ‘the good old days’.

The fire brigade even put on a huge bonfire and fireworks display as well as visiting the school and letting the boys and girls play firies.

One day they even let the children blow up some trees in the playground.


The Bowling Club (now Club Lemon Tree) has always paid for the lollies.

Remember, don’t run across the road or behind the truck, just stay on the footpath and Santa won’t forget you.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Santa and his RFS friends.

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