Sawtell Boardriders 2020 Competition Winners Give Thanks to Mentors

Pic of the Year was taken by Oscar Watson of James Hill surfing the Jetty Wedge.


SAWTELL Boardriders capped off a fantastic year by holding their annual presentation for 2020 last week.

The club has grown this year to record membership levels with over one hundred and thirty five members.

And all of them remained there right through the year competing till the end despite COVID.

Expressions of thanks to all sponsors were given on the night including major sponsor Coopers Surf.

Thanks and praise were also given to local icons Barney Miller, Samba Man and David Mowbray for their weekly support this year in coaching, mentoring and videoing.

Vice President Julie-ann Willis said the mentors engender a culture of openness and positivity in encouraging the new generation of upcoming surfers.

Ms Willis said, “As a club we are extremely lucky to have this unconditional passion from the mentors to all our team members, young and old of both genders.

“The riders can bond personally and professionally with the mentors and other team members.

“We are fostering a culture of inclusivity and positivity helping people to be their best.”

The major award this year went to Opens A Winner seventeen year old James Hill.

James has been with the club since being a junior and has surfed at every opportunity up and down the east coast.
Major awards:

2020 Opens A winner 17 Yr old James Hill.

James has been with the club since being a junior and gave a humble speech on the night.

He thanked all his idols from the club who he has watched growing up and now had the opportunity to surf with.

James was also the surfer photographed in the 2020 Pic of the Year winner taken by Oscar Watson of James surfing the Jetty wedge.

Overall Points Score winner was Fletcher O’Sullivan.

The Richie West Award went to Sam Hudson.

The Club Man Award went to Simon Pierce.

The Life Membership Award went to Caspian O’Donnell.

Results from the A Grade Open were James Hill, Will Vignes, Bass and Ben Booth.

Over 50’s winners were Kel Ryan, Peter John Ward, Malcolm Hillery and Michael Andrews.

The 16 Girls winners were Eden Pearce, Lily McIntosh and Maddy Clark.

The 16 Boys winners were Jai Jackson, Dane Lewis, Luca Baldwin and Will Mackay.

In the Over 35s category the winners were Travis Mackay, Chad Salter, Craig Jackson and Dean Walker.

The Under 12 Boys category saw Fletcher O’Sullivan, Harper McIntosh, Sam Hudson and Cooper Grayson take home trophies.

In The Under 12 Girls Poppy Hudson, Gracie Kennedy, Layla O’Sullivan and Isla Schomberg took home trophies.

B Grade winners were Jean Gaud, Tully Portus Keen, Jack Ryan and Oscar Watson.

The 10 Years and Under Micros winners were Lennox Bond Sowter, Kalani Grayson, Polly Salter and Sam Davies.


By Sandra MOON

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