Sawtell FC’s Joel Parkin Wins Newcastle Permanent Coach of the Month for August

Coach of the month Joel Parkin with daughters Lola and India who play for the Sawtell Stars and Spirit in the girls under 10s and 12s.


SAWTELL FC’s Joel Parkin won the Newcastle Permanent Coach of the Month for August.

Joel coaches the Sawtell Spirit girls under 12s and also helps to coach the Sawtell Stars girls under 10s along with four other parents.

Despite starting the season with ten players who had never played football before, Joel is proud of how the players relished the challenge and the friendships that evolved along the way.

“The first couple of matches were a learning curve, around ten of the girls had never played before and with all the rain there wasn’t much time to train.

“Playing on a full size pitch with referees and simple things like throw-ins, goal kicks and offside were a challenge at first.

“But the referees were really good, they knew we were just learning and after a few games the girls drew a match and then won a match and we were off and running.

“Having fun was the most important thing, they bonded together and created friendships.

“I’ve helped with the under 10s also, you can’t be at two matches at once, the 10s team is managed and coached by four dads, we work it out every week and it just works,” said Joel.

Joel started at Sawtell FC at a similar age to his two Daughters Lola and India and spent over 25 years playing in the juniors, first grade seniors and over 35s at the Club.

Club President Simon Portus praised former players returning to the club to help coach the next generation.

“As a club it’s great to see past players coming back and coaching.

“Joel has done a great job this year with a lot of first time players. you can see how much the girls in their team are enjoying playing and that’s what it’s all about,” said Simon.



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