Sawtell Golf Club’s Joy Lawrence wins her 13th Women’s Club Championship

Sawtell Golf Club’s Joy Lawrence with the Women’s Club Championship trophy.


SAWTELL Golf Club’s Joy Lawrence has once again shown her tremendous ability on the greens in 2021.

Lawrence won the Sawtell Golf Club’s Women’s Club Championship for the 13th time in her 30-year playing career.

She also won the club’s Women’s Foursomes Championship for the 12th time as she played with Julie Jones this year, and won the Mixed Foursomes Championship for the first time while playing with Alan Wallis.

After all her individual success it was the Mixed Foursomes trophy which would prove to be elusive throughout her 30 years on the greens, making it a special moment after finally winning it this year.

“Alan and I had been playing together for years and trying to win it,” she said.

“Ever since I first won the Ladies Championship, I could never clinch the mixed as I had been runners-up and so close to winning it before,

“It was strange because we had finished our round and we were having a drink, and one of the ladies said we were in a playoff, and I didn’t know whether to have another drink before it.

“Alan played really well in the playoff holes, and the two pairs we were playing the men were the best in the club,
“We were a bit shell shocked to win it, and so they say that all good things come to those who wait.”

The multiple club champion explained to News Of The Area how she first took up the sport.

“I used to play tennis and squash before I played golf,” she said.

“I did my Achilles tendon in 1992 and I couldn’t play tennis for a year, so I took up golf and I’m still playing 30 years later.”

Having won 13 Women’s Club Championships, the first one held a special place in her heart.

“The first one was the best, as I had an 18-inch putt to win it and I was so nervous but I don’t get nervous anymore,” she said.

After achieving so much on the greens, the champion golfer still had one thing to shoot for.

“My goal is to shoot my age, and I’m 74 in February so everything would have to fall into place,” she said.



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