Sawtell RSL and Sawtell SLSC come together in memory of David Jones, bringing Jonesy to Sawtell beach

David Jones (centre) and SSLSC Board members in 2020, at the RSL Club’s presentation to the Club’s Nippers.


SAWTELL Surf Life Saving Club (SSLSC) is about to welcome a new ‘boy’ on the block with a new side-by-side/all terrain vehicle.

The support vehicle is named in memory of David Jones, who recently passed away, aged 70.

David was a highly regarded life-member of Sawtell SLSC and former President of Sawtell RSL.

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Through the generous donation of $23,000 from Sawtell RSL which has funded the purchase, ‘Jonesy’ will hit the beach ready for next season.

Greg Agius, General Manager at Sawtell RSL, told News Of The Area, “David has done so much for Sawtell; everyone knew him as the Unofficial Mayor of Sawtell, we decided it was such a worthwhile use of funds.

“We’d heard the Surf Club needed a new vehicle, the current one is at the end of its working life, so it was a good opportunity to commit to this legacy.

“David wanted no recognition for all the efforts he put into the Surf Club and Sawtell, if he found out we’d done this I’d be in a serious amount of trouble,” quipped Greg.

Bruce McPhail, Secretary of Sawtell SLSC said, “David staunchly supported the Surf Club as integral to the community; the surf club is overwhelmed by the RSL Board’s generous support over many years.”

David’s family told News Of The Area, “Words cannot convey how our family feels about the generous gesture from the RSL to Sawtell Surf Club on behalf of Dave’s memory.

“Dave was heavily involved in both clubs, and he would be truly humbled to know he has been bestowed this honour.

“He would be proud to have a legacy on the beach that he so loved.

Linda added, “Dave would be saying, No, that is too much money… you need to earn your money.”

Kel Pearce, Sawtell SLSC President said, “Our Side-by-Side Vehicle (ATV) is an essential part of the life-saving suite that equips our lifesavers.

“The ATV carries life-saving equipment and allows patrols to monitor swimmers and surfers outside the patrol environment.

“On-board the vehicle we have supplementary oxygen, a first aid kit, a major trauma kit, rescue board, rescue tube and communication equipment.

“This enables patrols to respond quickly to deliver lifesaving and provides a reassuring presence to visitors that our surf lifesavers are well prepared to assist them.

“Due to the demanding environmental conditions that face these vehicles they need to be regularly maintained and we hope to get three-to-four years before replacing.

“Just as David Jones was an all-purpose lifesaver, the ATV is an all-purpose vehicle from assisting nippers, supporting patrols, and providing critical life-saving equipment along Sawtell beach.

“It is a workhorse moving around our IRB for patrols, nippers, surf carnivals and training.”




The new ATV is being given signage ready for presentation in late September.

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