School Students Recognised For Positive Behaviour and Learning

Last week’s nominees in the Positive Behaviour and Learning Program.


MARKETPLACE Raymond Terrace has been there since day one for the Positive Behaviour and Learning program which operates across nine schools in the area.

It is a testament to the team at MarketPlace and the wider community which has helped shape the future for many students living locally.

The Positive Behaviour and Learning Program recognises students who contribute to the community whether it is within school or in a broader sense.

This week we see demonstrations of honesty, charity, sportsmanship, leadership and kindness from our Positive Behaviour and Learning nominations.

Across the board it is hard to think of a program that motivates and recognises so many young people when they excel.

When it comes to charity this week’s nominee from Hunter River High School has been making a national cause, his own.

Kyle Anderson has been raising money to help research and change the lives of those diagnosed with the debilitating Motor Neuron Disease.

Two of the students nominated handed in wallets which had been lost and other nominees demonstrated leadership and kindness.

It is heartwarming to see young people stepping up and showing the ethics which are foundations for our society.




Hunter River High’s Kyle Anderson.

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