Scotts Head community to meet over Ingenia Lifestyle development concerns

Ingenia’s proposal site 11 Ocean Ridge Road, Way Way, 2447 Photo: Ingenia.


THERE will be a public meeting of the Scotts Head Community Group (SHCG) on Tuesday 25 January to discuss the proposed Ingenia Lifestyle development at 11 Ocean Ridge Road, Way Way.

Ingenia Lifestyle is a leading owner and developer of over 55’s lifestyle type communities.

The proposal will cater for a minimum of 100 sites in an area that is presently zoned Rural.

The Ocean Ridge Road site is still in its development and community consultation stage.

A Nambucca Valley Council representative spoke with News Of The Area, confirming to date no DA has yet been submitted by Ingenia Lifestyle.

She also confirmed there are two zoning areas on the proposed site – RU1 Primary Production and RU2 Rural Landscape.

Ingenia approached and met with SHCG before Christmas to discuss the proposal.

The public meeting will address community concerns raised from that initial contact, and the formation of a sub-committee to continue the community consultation process between both Nambucca Valley Council and Ingenia Lifestyle.

The Scotts Head Community Group wants to raise awareness regarding the proposal, and the impacts the development will have on the local community, infrastructure, services, and surrounding environment.

“Scotts Head is a small community, our infrastructure is limited, we don’t have the medical facilities to cater to another 200 people,” said Moira Ryan, a Scotts Head Community Group representative.

Nambucca Valley Council draft minutes dated 13 January records the following.

13/22 RESOLVED: (Buchanan/Vance) “That Council make representations to the Member for Oxley, the Hon.

Melinda Pavey MP and the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP to correct the rating and contribution inequities associated with manufactured home estates and caravan parks with permanent residential accommodation whilst protecting tenants from unreasonable rent increases.”

News Of The Area spoke with Michael Coulter, Nambucca Valley Council’s General Manager, about the above resolution.

“While the resolution in question does not mention the Ingenia Proposal if adopted the changes are to cover all permanent residential accommodation within our Shire.”

“In my 16 years with Nambucca Council we have previously put these changes to the State Government, there is a significant financial loss to the council in regards to these types of developments.

“These developments do not attract the same council rating structure as standard housing owners, and the developer is not obliged to pay building contributions, putting extra strain on infrastructure costs for the rest of the Shire,” said Mr Coulter.

The full report can be viewed on the Nambucca Valley Council Website.

Scotts Head Community Group is asking the community to attend the meeting on 25 January from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in the Recreation Hut, Scotts Head.

For more information look at the Scotts Head Community Group Facebook page.

To register on the Ingenia web-page to be part of their community consultation process, visit



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