Scotts Head skaters inspired by KOBBAS Skatefest 2021

KOBBAS Skatefest 2021 at Coffs Skatepark.


CRYSTAL Vowels, Scotts Head mum of Avalon, 12 and Sandon, 10, who is passionate about giving her kids the opportunities they seek out, took the kids to Coffs Harbour for the annual KOBBAS Skatefest in early December.

“This was the first skate competition we had attended, and it did not disappoint,” Crystal told News Of The Area.

“We knew there would be some entertaining skaters, having watched the competitors training over the last few weeks at the skatepark, but our minds were blown once we saw the tricks in action with the music pumping and Chalkies Skateshop owner Bevo’s commentary.

“The under-12s kicked the competition off, followed by the 16s wowing everyone in the crowd with their tricks and bravery, but the atmosphere really started buzzing with the open men’s division entertaining the crowd and inspiring every young skating competitor there.

“The photos and videos don’t do it justice; these skaters are undoubtedly something that needs to be seen to be believed.”

Sandon said, “The Bowl-a-nana was a thrilling competition.

“Big moves were thrown at the crowd as they erupted in cheers.

“It was an amazing experience for spectators and competitors alike.

“As a competitor, I would love to go again.”

Avalon commented, “The Bowl-a-nana was epic.

“Every time someone pulled off a crazy move, the crowd would erupt in cheers.

“Large clusters of people were in the grandstands being entertained by the skating competitors, DJs and Bevo commentating, I will make sure I compete next year.”

Chalkies Skateshop in Coffs did a lot of the organising with brothers-in-business Bevin ‘Bevo’ and Jesse Newton thrilled with the outcome.

“We battled rain, but it came out rad,” Bevo told News Of The Area.

A warmly received event with masses of local and visiting talent, the Skatefest is held in memory of well-loved Coffs Harbour skater Koby Mitchell.

Over 100 participants competed for generous prizes including merchandise, with three going through to win great locally based Youth Creative Skate Grants: Skate, Film & Photography and Arts & Music each worth over $1,000.

See winners on their Instagram: @arlooooooooooooooooo – Photography, @tasmanobrien – Skate, and @rach_m1445 – Music.

Stevie Blanchette, Koby’s mum, told News Of The Area, “It was a very emotional weekend, a combination of feeling sad, happy and proud all in one day.

“To see so many there supporting the event, enjoying good times made it all worthwhile.

“It reaffirmed what I already knew but showed how many lives Koby has touched, a real inspiration.

“From the competitors to the crowd, everyone was there to support each other.

“We have had so many people contact us after the event thanking us and already asking about next year.

“I will continue to spread Koby’s story and keep his spirit alive, that is something he deserves.

“Koby’s legacy will forever be remembered for the beautiful human he was.

“A very important message for us to take is that one individual can make a difference so never doubt the power you have to make that difference,” said Stevie.

See all the results at @kobbas_skate_fest.




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