Sea Scouts Use ISO To Get Prepared

Sea Scouts camping at home and using social media to connect.


LIKE many community organisations group activities are high on the list of what scouting is normally all about.

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In the face of COVID-19 Scouts like other organisations have turned to technology to be, learn and grow together whilst being apart.

The 1st Nelson Bay Sea Scouts have been holding weekly video chats with each section for about 1 hour.

Despite social distancing the scouts are getting on with a range of activities.

When isolation is over these scouts will be prepared ready to tie knots, and pitch their tents with expertise.

Sandra Radford, Cub Scout Leader of the 1st Nelson Bay Sea Scouts,

Scouts NSW told News Of The Area, “We are participating in various activities like construction challenges, cooking, fire lighting, camp fires, fort building, knots practice, hike prep, and lots more!”

The Nelson Bay Sea Scouts are still earning achievement badges while in isolation.

The scout troop also participated in ANZAC Day activities, including camping in our backyards, making a fire, cooking dinner, making ANZAC biscuits, making recycled lanterns and wreaths, and participating in driveway dawn services.

On the horizon the Sea Scouts have upcoming ‘virtual camps’ which include camping in the backyard or house and joining in on various camp activities over a weekend.

“We are doing our best to keep Scouting going in this difficult time,” she said.

For the Sea Scouts having the opportunity to continue to learn and participate in scouting is a great time out during these difficult times.



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