Selfcare Over Christmas Using Mindfulness To Promote Wellbeing

Katrina Mason is keen to see us all embrace some selfcare over the holiday season.


DOES Christmas do your head in and leave you feeling far from jolly?

Katrina Mason is a counsellor and training facilitator committed to helping people achieve balance in their lives using techniques such as mindfulness and meditation.

She told News Of The Area, “It is easy to get caught up in the endless pressure of expectations that Christmas brings and forget about how important a little bit of self care can be when we feel under pressure.

“The truth is many of us feel mixed emotions around this time as we celebrate with loved ones, whilst at the same time wrestling a sense of longing for those we have lost.”

Mindfulness is a brilliant tool for reducing stress and increasing your capacity for navigating tricky emotions.

“Often mindfulness and meditation is associated with sitting in stillness on a mountain top, making weird chanting noises whilst wearing cheesecloth tunics.

“You can do that if you want but I am going to let you in on a little secret; it is just about training our mind to be aware and accepting of the present moment. This can be done in your same old clothes, in your same old chair, surrounded by the same old chaos.

“No cheese cloth or uncomfortable positions required,” she said.

Katrina has some mindfulness tips for the holidays which include, getting clear about what’s important to you, she suggests that you take a few moments to clarify and then navigate the season and prioritize.

She believes that when we are under pressure or feeling vulnerable it is a good idea to resist the urge to react and focus on your breathing, then speak your truth confidently and calmly.

Katrina asks us to check our expectations, things might not go to plan but when we stop focusing on what “should be”, we gain the opportunity to enjoy “what is”.

Self care is important, especially at this time of year, but using meditation and mindfulness regularly can help keep us in a better place all year round.

If you would like to explore mindfulness and meditation Katrina is holding an Introduction course in March.

You can find out more and book to attend on her website



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