Seventy Year Anniversary of Women Anglers Article

Mrs Ringland and her daughter Judith.


SEVENTY years ago, on May 7, 1952, the Australian Women’s Weekly ran a two page article entitled ‘Women Anglers’, telling the story of the Tea Gardens Ladies’ Fishing Club, formed the previous year as a social group for the local women who usually had full time jobs as housewives, cleaning, cooking and caring for the family.

A day out fishing was a welcome break, resulting in “hours of fun, companionship, and relaxation, plus hauls that a professional fisherman would not be too proud to claim”.

According to the article, the Club had a membership of 33, ranging in age from sixteen to over 60.

It met fortnightly to decide on outings, fundraising and trophies which were usually awarded for the best catch of the day.

Fish were judged on one point per fish and one point per pound weight, with official captain and weigher-in being Tom Perrin, proprietor of the local boatshed (now the Boatshed Restaurant).

All the ladies were experienced fisherwomen who knew their fish, tides, types of bait, lines and sinkers.

Some took their children and made a picnic of the day, but the keener fans did not stop for lunch.

As well as fishing from boats, beach and estuary fishing were included.

The article was illustrated by eight large photographs of members in action, taken by Adelie Hurley.

The final words of the story?

“And all members clean their own fish.”


By Anne JOHNSON, Tea Gardens Family and Local History, Inc.


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