Shady Ave Residents Not All Thrilled With Water Roll Out

Peter Trappel will continue using his own tank water.
Peter Trappel will continue using his own tank water.

Last week Kate Washington MP announced all residents on both sides of Shady and Chris Ave, Salt Ash will receive free water reticulation funded by the Defence Force.

This is due to the Defence Force’s Red Zone water contamination barrier running down each street, encompassing the southern side and not the northern.

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While some residents in the street fought alongside Kate Washington for this right, others are not pleased with the outcome.

Shady Avenue resident Peter Trappel, who lives on the northern side of the street told News Of The Area, “While I respect that people who need and want the water reticulation have fought for it and achieved it, there are others who are not prepared to pay a quarterly water bill.”

“I’ve been using the two water tanks I have on my property for the past 20 years and have never run out of water or needed to pay for it.”

The works, which Hunter Water expect to be completed in early 2017, will enable all developed properties on both streets to access the town water supply.

“Unless you are drinking your bore water or don’t have access to your own water tanks, I don’t know why you would chose to pay for water when you can get it for free,” Mr Trappel said.

“As far as town water is concerned, I’m not interested. I’m happy with what I’ve got.”


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