Shoal Bay to Newcastle Airport Light Rail Project



Dear News Of The Area,

IT has been heartening to see the positive response to the suggestion that we should consider dumping the Fingal Bay Bypass project (Bay News of the Area 2/11/2017 “Bypass the Fingal Bay Bypass”).

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It’s obvious the extensive financial and environmental costs far outweigh any small benefit it may bring to the few.
Destroying hectares of wildlife habitat does not seem justifiable to save a few people several minutes off their shopping trip.

Instead, the proposal that a light rail be constructed to connect Shoal Bay to Newcastle Airport did garner a great deal more support.

Yes, it would cost more, but it would benefit far more people with less detrimental environmental effects.

Some have asked where specifically the light rail would be likely to access. Without expert advice from the likes of engineers and environmentalists, etc. it would be difficult to say.

However, just taking into consideration attempting to connect the main residential, tourist and commercial areas between Shoal Bay and Newcastle Airport with some attractive scenic spots, a preliminary suggested route is shown in the attached map. Of course, this is purely for discussion purposes.

I am sure many will have their own suggestions for variations. Stage 2 from Soldiers Point to Fingal Bay using part of the Stage 1 Bay sections is included.

It is envisaged that tourists could travel directly to and from the Airport to their hotels.The ride itself could be a tourist attraction. Residents (especially the elderly) could leave their cars at home and travel around the Bay.

Eventually, people could travel back and forth between Newcastle and the Bay. Wouldn’t this be a tremendous boost to economic activity in the region!

The NSW State Government doesn’t seem to show a lot of interest in the Port Stephens’ area. We have little in the way of public transport. Our local politicians should be pointing out that NSW doesn’t begin and end with Sydney.

A grant from the State Government to do a feasibility study of the Light Rail Project would be a nice start.

Paul Attard
Nelson Bay

One thought on “Shoal Bay to Newcastle Airport Light Rail Project

  1. bundabah to soldiers point. either a bridge or ferry.
    then soldiers point onto the airport. north and south connected.

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