Singing Bridge traffic solution an accident waiting to happen?

Photos taken a little after 7am on Thursday morning: the direct impact of the sun at this time of the year.


THE Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens Progress Association has raised concerns regarding the narrow footpaths on the Singing Bridge and the potential for a serious accident for some time.

It is acknowledged the cost of widening, or attaching an appendage is beyond Council finances and the suggestion has been made to have the footpaths dedicated to one-way for wheeled traffic.

Whilst Council appear to be in agreement, a stumbling block is where to exit on the Tea Gardens side.

The Progress Association believe the obvious and safest exit is to use the area under the bridge as is the case on the Hawks Nest side, however NSW Marine Parks have proprietary land along the river edge.

As a stopgap, Council are considering the installation of a traffic island on Myall St.

Mr Gordon Grainger of the Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens Progress Association spoke to News Of The Area about an event that occurred in the area this week which almost resulted in a serious traffic accident.

He believes that the introduction of a traffic island on Myall St, in an area where the drivers line of sight can be impacted by direct sunlight at certain times, has potentially dangerous implications.

“Apparently the driver of the vehicle panicked at the loss of sight, stopped the vehicle in the middle of the roadway, sending traffic in all directions.

“Remember, that time of the morning is very busy.

“The walkers took charge and moved the vehicle to the roadside.

“It is our contention that such a stopgap is a potential accident site and that Council should pursue the egress from the one-way footpaths under the bridge, using a boardwalk and that any objection from Marine Parks should be met and overcome through safety reasons.

“We have been attempting to have safety issues on the Singing Bridge addressed by Council and the subject has been a topic of the Southern Area Reference Group (SARG) for some time.

for some time.

“We think we are right in assuming Council shares that concern and currently assessing ways to correct the situation –maybe using a stopgap island crossing the busy road.”

“It is our belief this in turn could even be a greater hazard,” said Mr Grainger.


Photos taken a little after 7am on Thursday morning: The result of panic and quick action by walkers who were able to avert a very serious accident.

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