Sister Libbey Byrne to Leave Myall Coast Catholic Parish

Sister Libbey Byrne


AFTER four years of dedicated service Sister Libbey Byrne the Parish Leader of the Myall Coast Catholic Parish is moving on to pursue new endeavours.

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Sister Libbey joined the Sisters of Charity in 1979 at age twenty-six and moved to the Myall Coast Parish in 2016.

When asked what she has enjoyed most during her time in the Myall Coast Parish she replied, “The people.”

“In Bulahdelah you have the dairy farmers, down at Karuah you have people who have lived there all their lives.”

“They are ‘salt-of-the-earth’ people.”

“In Tea Gardens you have retirees who have grown up having their holidays here as kids or have just fallen in love with the place.”

“The guys at the pub always call out and talk to me and I’ve popped in and had a drink with them once or twice”

“It is so friendly and welcoming.”

Sister Libbey continued, “It’s time to take leave of Myall Coast Parish, three communities of Saint Brigid’s, Saint Stephens and Our Lady of Rosary.”

“Goodbye to the thirty-nine wonderful children at Saint Joseph’s Primary School and their dedicated teachers.”

“Time to say goodbye to the rivers, lakes, beaches and mountains which inspire the locals to call this area paradise.”

“Time to pack the physical things and time to pack the memories, the gratitude for friendships, hospitality, meals and drinks shared.”

“Goodbye, farewell and Amen”

Jan Peeters a resident of Tea Gardens commented, “Sister Libbey is a remarkable woman and the more you get to know her the more you understand the depth of her intelligence, her faith and her understanding of Christianity.”

“Libbey’s brand of Christianity is so relevant to everyday life and she believes the church is on the street with everyday people.”

“This is why she can relate to everyone from the Bishop to the boys at the pub.”

“The whole community will miss her but go knowing you have our respect and love.”


By Brooke LYNCH

2 thoughts on “Sister Libbey Byrne to Leave Myall Coast Catholic Parish

  1. The whole community WILL NOT miss her. Just another brain washed cult member that has no place in society. I strongly suggest she urgently seek mental health treatment for her disorder.
    Praise Shiva or Thor or any of the other 3000 odd imaginary deities.

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