SLSC volunteering call – do your bit for the Sawtell community

Sheena McTackett, President Sawtell SLSC invites new volunteers to share their skills


RETIREES, sea-changers and anyone with that rare commodity of time on their hands, are encouraged to consider volunteering at Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club.

Sheena McTackett, President, told News Of The Area, “We need more people involved as the club evolves and older members move on from their roles.

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“Active retirees looking to contribute to the community and use the skills from their past careers would be most welcome.

“Sea-changers moving into the area and seeking to connect with the community would also find this a great way to make new friends and contribute to their new hometown.

“It’s not so much about stepping into the club’s big roles or patrolling the beach, it’s more in admin, finance, project management and managing bookings for the auditorium – these roles are really important to the day-to-day running of the club.

“SSLSC delivers a service to the community saving lives on the beach, but it’s so much more than that.

“The club is a venue for all sorts of community activities; exercise clubs, yoga classes, children’s activities and the Kiosk café is an important hub…and what a view, we’re in a prime location.

“As much as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to run a club.”

Sheena says new volunteers will not be thrown in at the deep end.

“We’re offering a mentoring and buddy system to support new volunteers.

“It can be intimidating seeing us in our uniforms but don’t be put off, we’re very approachable…come and talk with us, we can chat it all through with you.

“Renewal and new ideas are vital for the club.

“Ours is a very connected club, aligned across all ages.

“We have a great Nippers group – our juniors are very connected with the adults.

“There’s a great energy through the club,” said Sheena.

To chat through your potential offering to the club, discuss how much time the roles require and anything else you need to know about volunteering at Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club contact Sheena McTackett, Club President at [email protected] or +61 (0) 477 771481.




Work in the Sawtell community through volunteering at the Surf Club

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