Smart Parking Paying For Infrastructure in Nelson Bay

President of Business Port Stephens Leah Anderson in the town centre where traders are reporting a negative impact on trade due to Smart Parking. Photo: Marian Sampson.


WHEN it comes to Smart Parking in Nelson Bay the jury is still out with some businesses still finding the new scheme potentially detrimental to trade.

The Smart Parking signs which will identify where available spots are for motorists are about to be turned on.

There is no hiding the fact that the Smart Parking in Nelson Bay town centre is designed to raise revenue.

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A council spokesperson told News Of The Area, “Smart parking revenue has raised approximately $800,000 to date.”

The good news is that the money raised in Nelson Bay will stay in the area, with the spokesperson going on to say, “All Smart Parking profits are being reinvested into the Nelson Bay town centre and foreshore — funding road and infrastructure upgrades, improvements from the Nelson Bay Public Domain Plan and activities as part of the new It’s On! in Nelson Bay place activation trial.”

The township is already showing some of the money invested in amenity with the funds having been contributed towards road safety improvements, line marking, one-way changes and about 9000 square metres of resurfacing works across the Nelson Bay town centre.”

It is anticipated by Council that in the first year, funding will also be used to repay the initial costs of the system.

“We are continuing to work with the community as we prioritise these public domain works which could include street trees, pathways, lighting, more car parking and better connections from the town centre to the foreshore.

“If Smart Parking is expanded to other town centres, any funding will be reinvested into projects for that town centre or local area.”

Leah Anderson President of Business Port Stephens and Mayoral candidate told News Of The Area, “It is hard to know how effective this is, as we are not hearing anything from Port Stephens Council at this stage as to how much revenue this has actually received year to date, and how and when this will then be spent on the Nelson Bay Public Domain plan.

“I have heard from a few businesses in Nelson Bay as to how much this paid parking has negatively impacted them.

“This is concerning.

“It is just hard to know how this will benefit businesses in the Nelson Bay CBD, without the real facts from Port Stephens Council.

“Also, when will the actual ‘Smart Parking’ signs be turned on?

“We are six months down the track from implementing paid parking, but still no smart parking signs are working?” she asked.



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