Sonudor Honey is the Bees Knees

Tim Bassett and David Hughes checking on the bees.
Tim Bassett and David Hughes checking on the bees.

SONUDOR Honey has been in business for the last five years, but have remained relatively low key about their high quality product and its wonderful benefits.

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The Hughes family, owners of Sonudor Honey, noticed that there weren’t a lot of Bees around to help pollinate their family pastures, so they invested in two hives on their property.

They now boast over twenty hives, and David Hughes has become a registered apiarist, or bee keeper.

There is a lot of work involved in checking and maintaining the hives.

It is important to check hives regularly for any small hive beetles and diseases, as these can completely destroy the hive plus other hives in the area.

The collection of hives at Sonudor Honey.
The collection of hives at Sonudor Honey.

The current incredibly hot and humid weather in the region is not ideal for bees.

For those interested in keeping hives, you also have to be registered with the DPI (Department of Primary Industries) and be a member of your local beekeeping association.

However, all this hard work aside, the benefits of honey and having bees in our natural environment are immeasurable.

Apart from being a natural sweetener and energy source, other benefits include: soothing a sore throat, helping to heal wounds on both people and animals, assisting with digestive issues, antibacterial and antifungal properties and it is a major source of antioxidants.

Sonudor Honey is wild bush honey and 100 percent raw, straight from the hive.

There is nothing to add and it is not heated.

Teneale Bassett, daughter of the Hughes Family, told News Of The Area, “The feedback we get from our customers is it’s the best tasting honey they have had and they can’t get over the amazing smell.”

“We have a number of customers that send it to their extended families in other states of Australia as well as internationally to both Japan and Ireland.”

“We have also done a number of fundraisers with local preschools and schools to sell honey and make a profit to keep,” she said.

“Our bees make 100 percent of our honey, and feed on over 100 acres of native bushland which includes tea tree, wattle, bottlebrush and eucalyptus (to name a few) in the bushlands of Booral.

The honey, along with fresh raw honeycomb, is available to purchase in Medowie via the Facebook page ‘Sonudor Wild Bush Honey’.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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