Sowing seeds in the garden on National Tree Day at Mountain Preschool Lowanna

Feeling the tree bark on National Tree Day.


NATIONAL Tree Day was celebrated on Friday 30 July at Mountain Preschool Lowanna, where the children tilled the garden’s soil and added compost from their own compost bin.

“We then observed some coriander and carrot seeds, noticing their similarities and differences and wondered where they came from,” Donna Shrimpton, Director, Mountain Preschool told News Of The Area.

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“After planting the seeds, the children verbalised their knowledge of the water element required for plant growth and they watered the seeds.

“We also had a lavender plant donated by a family member and planted it at our sensory area.

“We talked about trees and their similarities and differences to people (including how trees talk to each other through their root systems).

“After feeling the bark of our trees, we then did bark etchings and we also traced around a peer.”

The children shared their knowledge about the parts of the tree, and they drew them onto the body outline, transforming it into a tree.

“Our children were very prepared for engagement in this activity as composting, gardening, growing and harvesting produce are everyday practices for our little eco warriors.

“Our Service Philosophy articulates the value of embedding environmental responsibility and sustainable living into our practices.

“The main message we aim to embed in children is the importance of trees to the cycle of life, sustainable living practices and caring for the land as our First Nations Peoples have for thousands of years.”

“It was a fantastic experience in which the children displayed joy and happiness while connecting to their land.

“They become socially responsible and show respect, knowledge and care for natural environments.”

The recent assessment saw the school awarded a rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards.

“Our belief in teaching children about the importance of environmental concepts contributed to this success.”





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