Spirited Clothing now comes to Medowie

Renee Craddock with some of the items created at Spirited Clothes
Renee Craddock with some of the items created at Spirited Clothes

WHEN Overflow Church Medowie (formerly Medowie Baptist Community Church) began organising a movie night to show the documentary ‘The True Cost’, Renee Craddock saw the perfect opportunity to get the church, and our community, involved in the cause at a much greater level.

The documentary focuses on the ethical purchasing of products, by encouraging people to shop with stores who use ethical means to create their products.

Renee Craddock, Overflow Church member, took some time during the screening night to introduce ‘Spirited Clothes’ to Medowie.

Renee has been involved in the work of Spirited Clothes since the idea was birthed in 2012, and has also visited their business centres in India.

Renee told News Of The Area, “I love Spirited Clothes because I don’t just shop ethically – I help save women from trafficking and a life of poverty.”

Spirited Clothes is an Australian-based company with products ranging from pyjamas, scarves & bracelets.

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They work with women in India and the Philippines, where they aim to train and provide employment to women who are victims of slavery.

Spirited Clothes have set up two sewing centres in India and one in the Philippines.

Their main centre is in South India, where they are working with women who have come out of human trafficking. The girls are trained in how to sew and then given work with Spirited Clothes.

The sewing centre in the Philippines is a new centre, and will be helping women from the local dumpsite to learn to sew and provide for their families.

The sewing centres serve individual purposes, but across the board aim to free women from slavery or poverty and provide them with training and employment so that they may provide for themselves and their families.

These women all get paid a living wage, and money is also put back into the community to help others get an education and increase their standard of living, breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

Spirited Clothes have also been able to fund a feeding program, providing meals for the children who live on the dumpsite.

They hope to eventually expand to more countries, helping more people.

All profits from their sales go straight back into the business, and helping women and their communities.

Renee will have a stall of Spirited Clothes and jewellery at Medowie markets in August.

Make sure you check them out if visiting the markets.

To read more about Spirited clothes, you can visit their website http://spiritedclothes.com or speak to Renee on 0423103481.



By Rachael VAUGHAN

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