Sport: Hawks Nest Vets golf club


Hawks Nest Vets


Stroke.  16/8/2016

A Grade.

  1. Col Amos 35.7
  2. Chris Bournon 36.2
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3.Ian Richardson 36.3

B Grade.

  1. Geoff Bartier 39.5
  2. Jim McDonald 40.1
  3. Kevin Durham 40.3


3rd. A Grade. Sean Mullins

B Grade. Kel Clarke

5th. A Grade. Graeme Bramley

B Grade. Keith Denham

10th. A Grade. Bruce Clayton

B Grade.  Ken Hill

16th. A Grade. Peter Nealon

B Grade.  Brian Swift



2 thoughts on “Sport: Hawks Nest Vets golf club

  1. I have just come across your web site and noticed that a very old and dear friend of mine seems to be still digging divots on the golf course. I refer to the very honourable and devious Keith Denham. A great mate for some 50 or is it 60 years? Please pass on my best wishes and tell him we do need to have another ale or two. Vince Gattenhof.

  2. Still waiting for a reply about Keith. Is he still circleing the course? Cheers Vince Gattenhof

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