SPORTS- golf: Pacific Dunes Golf Club results

Pacific Dunes Golf Club
Pacific Dunes Golf Club


Weekly Comp Results

Week Ending 14/08/16

Wednesday Men Individual S’ Ford

A Grade: P Gallagher 36, S Barrett 35, I Buhler 34 c/b, R Cowan 34, T McNiff 33 c/b

B Grade: A Trusler 35, R Boyes 34 c/b, G Lee 34, G Sessions 33, W Fox 32;

NTP 5th Z Leach, NTP 10th T Cowan, NTP 14th T Cowan

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Thursday Ladies Individual S’ Ford

V Melville 31, J Nunn 30, D Leahy 29 c/b, L Morey 29, J Colley 28 c/b;

NTP 5th L Stuart, NTP 14th J Nunn

Saturday Individual Stableford

Men A Grade

G. Trappel 35, B. Blyth 34, K. Stein 32 C/B, I. Buhler 32 C/B, P. Gallagher 32 C/B, D. Linde 32

B Grade

B. McDougal 34, A. Colley 33, G. Hornby 32, R. Wallace 30, K. Cotter 30 C/B, S. Mahoney 30 C/B

NTP 5th R Simons, NTP 8th G Diggins, NTP 14th K Jones, NTP 17th K Stein, Pro Pin G Trappel

Ladies A Grade

T Hutchins 30 c/b, L Overend 30

B Grade

C Lee 25 c/b, G Gomes 25

NTP 5th A Pardavi, NTP 14th L Overend

Sunday 4 Person Team S’ Ford with Individual S’ Ford

4 Person Team: M Boshier, J Nunn, D Lucas & S Mahoney 62;

Ladies: J Thompson 31 c/b, J Nunn 31, R Wallace 29; NTP 5th M Boshier, NTP 14th J Ball;

Men: N McGarry 38, S Oxley 34, D Maher 32, NTP 5th K Young, NTP 14th TJ Young.

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