Spreading community spirit through Spoonville Nambucca Heads

Molly and Zivah Flagg showing the spoons they and the community have decorated.


NAMBUCCA Heads mother of two Sam Flagg found a unique way of cheering up her local area during Covid-19 lockdown, creating a ‘Spoonville’ community in her town.

The idea of ‘Spoonville’ originated in England, and was brought to Australia by Melbourne woman June Wilson during Covid to give children an indoor activity and to revive community spirit.

A ‘Spoonville’ community starts by making characters from wooden spoons and placing them in a shared space.

Members of the public can then add their own spoons to the ‘Spoonville’ community.

Though a seemingly simple child’s art project, small villages of decorated spoons have been sprouting up all over Australia on nature strips and in parks.

There are now 182 registered Spoonvilles world wide.

Sam thought creating their own Spoonville would be a quick indoor activity for her two daughters, Molly and Zivah, and give the girls a better understanding of community sharing.

Sam said, “I’ve been busy working from home, and saw this idea as a fun quick art project we could do together.”

News Of The Area met with the Flagg family recently, and Molly and Zivah were very excited to show off their own spoon creations.

Nambucca Heads’ Spoonville has grown since its initial formation.

The community has embraced the idea and added more spoon people to the collection.

“Molly and Zivah made seven spoons, and now the village has grown to 18.

“I shared the project on Facebook and I’m happy the community has gotten behind the idea and added a further 11 decorated spoons,” said Sam.

Spoonville Nambucca Heads is situated in the park next to Fresh Water Creek on Riverside Drive.

Sam stated that she had previously worked at the nursing home across from the park, and was hoping to get permission to bring some of the residents across to view the village as it gets bigger.

“I’d love the community to come along and add more spoons, or just come for a walk and enjoy what is already here,” said Sam.

If you want to find out more about Spoonville visit https://spoonvilleinternational.com/.




The decorated spoon folk of Spoonville of Nambucca Heads.

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