St Johns Ambulance Urge Community To Learn CPR On World First Aid Day

Group training CPR compressions being conducted by St Johns Ambulance.


SATURDAY was World First Aid Day.

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The day serves as a reminder to just how important knowing first aid is for all of us.

Learning CPR and other life saving first aid techniques is something we can all do and it could just save the life of someone we love.

St Johns Ambulance was founded in Melbourne in 1883.

Twenty years later the First Brigade Unit started in Sydney, where volunteers offered first aid assistance to the public.

Stephen Rafter is the St John Ambulance NSW Region Coordinator told News Of The Area, “The most important thing everyone should know is CPR.

“You never know when someone is going to have a sudden cardiac arrest – age isn’t a factor.”

He believes that knowing CPR is especially critical, particularly in Australia where swimming is one of our favourite pastimes.

“We are on a mission at least one person in every household and business and at every gathering is confident in first aid skills.

“St Johns Ambulance still train and recommend where willing, and able to give breaths during CPR but the compressions are the most important thing.

“There is an entire top 40 list of songs that have the staying alive beat,” he said.

CPR is good but using a defibrillator is better.

There are current grants available for sports groups to buy defibrillators.

They are easy to use, with verbal instructions and the use of a defibrillator increases the chance of survival from around 9% to close to 70%.

“Defibrillators being available make a massive difference,” said Mr Rafter.

It is also important to know general first aid, how to manage bleeding, clean a wound and deal with events like anaphylaxis.

St Johns Ambulance offer First Aid training and also offer a range of first aid kits to meet various workplace and lifestyle requirements.

Participating in a first aid course adds a positive to your resume and gives you the confidence to apply first aid if you are the first person available to render assistance.

“If you complete a First Aid Course at St Johns Ambulance you are able to purchase a discount kit on the day providing you with the skills you need and the tools to respond to a medical emergency.

You can find out more by calling 1300 360 455 or visit



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