St Marys Primary School joins in Simultaneous Storytime event

Ready for Give me some Space Day.


ST MARYS Primary school students invited their neighbouring Bowraville Central School and Bowraville Preschool friends to participate in Australia’s National Simultaneous Storytime Event on Wednesday 19 May.

In line with St Mary’s play-based education philosophy, the K-2 teachers designed and created space-themed investigations and exciting learning environments for the children to explore.

The K-2 teaching team at St Mary’s Primary school told News Of The Area, “Our preschool children became immersed in an outer space wonderland whereby our little aliens and astronauts were particularly intrigued with the slippery, slimy alien goo.

“They practiced launching homemade flying saucers into the universe and then exploring ways to measure the distances between planets.”

Tales of imaginary space travel were shared from the rocket constructions while others prepared space food together at the cosmic café.

Spacesuits were donned in preparation for launch while some students chose to enjoy the relaxation of the space library and the collage creation station.

“To complete the intergalactic mission, our students settled in to countdown to join thousands of other Australian school students to simultaneously watch and listen to an astronaut from the International Space Station read the text Give me some Space!

“Miss Sam and Tanya were busy in the kitchen cooking up an intergalactic feast for our hungry crew.”

Rocket dogs, moon rocks, astronaut ice-cream, galaxy scrolls and moon landing meteorites were just a few of the treats on offer for the special space themed banquet.

“The essence of the Storytime event was to foster a love for reading and literacy and provide the opportunity for our students to connect and build relationships with their peers in the community whilst learning new skills, collaborating and having fun.

“Uncle Mark Smith, Indigenous Educator farewelled our visitors in Gumbaynggirr language with the important message from the book – care for our wonderful planet, Ngarrayngga ngiyambandi nyirrnaa birraarl.”



Spacesuits on


Space themed banquet. (left)
Let’s make flying saucers. (right)

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