Stockton Men’s Bowling Club


18 April 2021

All Stockton Round 6 Saturday Pennants on 17 April were washed out.

All Second Round Club Pairs were completed on Sunday 18 April and results were: B.Hitchcock / T.Baker (Skip) 20 d M.Rowan / P.Croucher 14, J.McCartney / D.Mehan 23 d S.Stawski / L.Turner 15, P.Wilson / R.Clark 23 d G.& S.Ferguson 15, L,Payne / D.Ward 22 d R.Berlin / S.Brown 15, L.Harmer (Sub) / T.Sutcliffe 23 d R.Dein (Sub) / T.Anderson 19, D.Phillips / A.Clements 23 d I.Johnson / P.Taylor 12, G.Nash / R.Hadley 29 d G.Penfold / S.Polverino 7, C.Ferkin / J.Price 23 d J.Lord / G.Moxey 17.

The game between Todd Anderson and Tim Sutcliffe is worthy of a mention.

An all round sportsman and well known real estate agent (any clues), was called in at the last moment to play lead for Todd when his usual lead suffered a back injury and was unable to play. Playing his usual outstanding game he kept his team in the match until the last end when the scores were locked at 19 all.

The sustained effort told however and they failed in the extra end, dropping 4 shots and losing by 19-23 shots.



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