Stroud community welcomes Badminton Club

Members of the new Stroud Badminton Club.


THE community of Stroud has welcomed a social Badminton Club which started operating around two months ago.

Badminton is a fun racquet sport that can be played indoors or outdoors and it is far from a game of hit and giggle with badminton featuring as an Olympic Sport.

Badminton is played with racquets and a shuttle over the best of three games, first to 21 for each game.

Much like tennis points are scored, with serves, faults and volleys all a part of the game.

The group is eager to welcome new members.

Melissa Manktelow is one of the group’s founders, and told News Of The Area, “We currently have 18 members, ages ranging from 6 years old to over 60.

“We welcome beginners through to seasoned professionals.”

The group plays every Monday night at 6.30pm at the Stroud School of Arts Hall.

“My brother, my sister and I used to play both competitively and socially in Tasmania from the age of 10.

“When we settled in Newcastle we were actively looking for places to play, we discovered Hunter Badminton at Wickham and a small social group at Whitebridge, however when we moved out to Clarencetown and Stroud areas we couldn’t find a local club so with the help of Hunter Badminton Association we started our own social club in Stroud,” she said.

Badminton is a fun sport to play at any age and the group is looking forward to building a great social club for Stroud and surrounding areas.

To find out more check out Stroud Badminton’s Facebook Page.




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