Students At Fern Bay Public School Enjoying The Mascot Challenge

Lining up for a catch this student is all smiles!


STUDENTS at Fern Bay Public School are getting into a new challenge that is putting smiles on faces and building skills.

The students in Fern Bay Public School’s KB and K/1T classes have embarked on the Mascot Challenge for the next four weeks.

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The program is being delivered by Cricket Australia and it is a free four week program that can be completed at home or in the classroom.

Students spend 10 minutes a day developing fundamental motor skills, which help lay the foundation for them to lead a healthy and active life.

Emily True of Fern Bay Public School told News Of The Area, “The Program is a flexible self-delivered program so teachers can use it as a brain break, PE or even peer support activity.”

Every week students are given four activities which progress in difficulty allowing students to develop at their own pace in a fun and supportive environment.

Skills include throwing, catching and bouncing and all the resources are provided as a part of the program.

Students don’t need to have cricket knowledge or skills necessary as all activities, coaching tips and resources are provided.

Students at Fern Bay Public School are enjoying the program four afternoons a week.




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