Study Demonstrates Health Benefits Of Camping

Camping is proven to have health benefits.


FOR those that camp the results of the Real Richness Report is no surprise.

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Campers are literally ‘happy campers’.

The Real Richness Report found campers are happier, more satisfied, optimistic and energised than non-campers.

It also found that campers are significantly less stressed, bored, lonely and frustrated than non-campers.

There are plenty of great camping options in and around the region including Stockton Beach, Mungo Brush and the Native Dog Campground near Coffs Harbour.

The report found that not only do trips make campers happier, they also give people an opportunity to connect with themselves and find their grounding, with 53% of women and 44% of men strongly agreeing that camping trips enabled them to gather their thoughts.

In fact the report findings show us that one thing we can do to help to look after our mental health and wellbeing, is to take a camping holiday.

Research from Caravan Industry Association of Australia has found caravan and camping trips can bring a number of benefits to our lives.

Camping trips are also proven to bring you closer to loved ones and give you time away from modern distractions out in the natural environment allowing us to reset.

The report also found that children also get wonderful benefits out of taking camping trips, with 93% of campers believing that camping brings families closer together, 94% believing that it teaches children to engage socially and 86% believing that it improves children’s health.

If COVID-19 is making you feel stressed perhaps taking a caravan or camping trip is the answer.

Respondents of the survey also revealed 96% of campers believe that camping can make you happier and 95% of campers believe that camping reduces stress.

Local mum Chontelle Grecian loves to go camping with her family of three kids.

She told News Of The Area, “We have been camping since my daughter was 11 months old with a trip to Fraser Island and we have also taken the kids to Moreton Island.”

“The family is planning an eight week trip in a caravan to Cairns and far north Queensland providing border restrictions ease,” she said.

Kerri Rodley is also an avid camper; she and her husband tow a camping trailer behind their motorbike.

Kerri is a wellness practitioner who believes that camping enhances sleep quality as you go to bed early when it is dark, and wake up early when it is light, the way your body is supposed to.

Our region is full of grey nomads who enjoy the benefits of hitting the road and caravanning too, proving you are never too old to enjoy life.

While taking a shovel for a walk isn’t everyone’s idea of a great escape, for some it can’t be beaten.

For those who prefer a bit more comfort there are more modern and sophisticated camping options available like luxury caravans and glamping which can still provide the mental health benefits of a short break while enjoying the great outdoors.




A bike and trailer camping setup.

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