Stunning garden in full swing, just in time for spring

Harry Anstey in his garden


85-YEAR OLD Harry Anstey has had a passion for gardening for as long as he can remember.

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Even at the age of three, he would nurture a strawberry patch with his sister and compete to see who could grow the most berries.

“I’ve always loved gardening,” said Mr Anstey.

“When I was living on the Gold Coast and in Bowral, I used to have such big and beautiful gardens – we would even open them up for charity events to be held in.”

Mr Anstey attended Gatton Agricultural College on a scholarship, moving on to work for British Airways and managing clubs, while continuing to work on his craft recreationally.

“We get a lot of people walking past and commenting on it,” said Mr Anstey.

“A couple even dropped off some wine once, saying ‘we enjoy your garden so much so here, enjoy this’.”

Mr Anstey had open heart surgery several years ago, but that has never stopped him from pursuing his passion.

“My friend Brian helps me with a lot of the more strenuous stuff now, such as digging and moving heavy things,” Mr Anstey said.

“I really enjoy gardening, it keeps me busy.”

Nearby neighbour Cheryl Simmons has long been in awe of the beautiful gardens on Mr Anstey’s property.

“All of the neighbours love them,” she said.

“People just can’t help but to stop and look.”


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