Super Moon Over Port Stephens

The Super Flower Blood Moon over Port Stephens. Photo by Marian Sampson.


THIS week residents across NSW watched a spectacular Super Flower Blood Moon which is also a lunar eclipse appear in our skies.

Dr Ben Montet is a Scientia Lecturer at UNSW Science’s School of Physics, where he leads the Nearby Worlds and Their Stars (NEWTS) Lab, spoke to News Of The Area.

“There are two things: the first is the super moon and the moon is closer to the earth.

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This event will make the moon look bigger than it normally does – this is something that happens once a year or so.

“The Super Flower Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse earth between sun and moon occurs when the earth is between sun and moon, this happens every couple of years – this one was rare – and will not be seen in Australia for next decade.”

While residents in regional and rural areas normally see greater detail of astronomical events, on this occasion people living in urban areas would also get a great view due to the intensity of the spectacle.

The Super Flower Blood Moon was best viewed between 9.10pm and 9.25pm at Nelson Bay.

There are various superstitions around blood moons and many different cultures have stories to explain the phenomena.

Photographers around the Port and Myall regions enjoyed the opportunity to capture the moon in all its glory.



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