Support the roar to illegalise the cruel ‘sport’ of trophy hunting

Sue Lake-Harris, Boambee East resident campaigning against the cruel activity of trophy hunting.


WHAT do a Hollywood legend, an embattled Zimbabwean conservationist, the producer of an internationally multi-award-winning documentary, a jaded ex-Special Forces commando, and a Boambee East author and reiki teacher/practitioner have in common?

They are passionate about ending a cruel ‘sport’ by exposing the brutal, yet legal, trophy hunting of endangered animals and the trafficking of their body parts by some of the wealthiest people on earth.

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Sue Lake-Harris and Lynn Santer met virtually and developed a friendship via social media and Zoom meetings.

Lynn is the Gold Coast based producer of the film, Land of the Free: In the Shadows.

This award-winning film has appearances by such people has Her Majesty – Elizabeth II, Priscilla Presley and Tippi Hedren – to name three.

Sue, a Boambee East resident campaigning against the cruel activity of trophy hunting, tells News Of The Area, “The film’s aim is to give these endangered animals (lions, tigers, elephants, giraffe, zebra, and many more), a voice, a roar, before they disappear.

“Lynn was in desperate need of a website where people could upload images of themselves/make comments, to create the roar.

“It had to name and shame trophy hunters (people like Donald Trump Jnr) and take tax-deductible donations to fund the second film which will be more explosive than the first.”

When Lynn put the call out for someone to build the site – fast – and no one volunteered, Sue offered to help.

“It’s taken weeks of voluntary work, but the site was launched in time to coincide with related events overseas.”

Sue now administers the site to support the cause.

Sue urged, “Please, if you love animals, explore the site and add your voice to our roar – upload your photo.

“Make a donation of any size and get a free eBook.

“Buy an Australian Firefighters Calendar, the number one selling calendar in the world.

“These gorgeous guys are helping support the second film.

“They are not models, but genuine Australian heroes.”

Land of the Free: In the Shadows was the winner of both the Audience Choice Best Short Documentary Film and Grand Prize Best Short Documentary Film at the Marina del Rey Film Festival 2021, as well as Best Short Documentary Film at the Florence Film Awards 2021.

See the film here:

Contact Sue: [email protected], Phone: 0410629739.





One thought on “Support the roar to illegalise the cruel ‘sport’ of trophy hunting

  1. Hunting supports millions of acres of African bush – forty million acres in South Africa alone. The animals hunted are not the animals in the reserves -they are protected. The animals hunted in Southern Africa are privately or community owned. They are separate from the endangered lists and the numbers of every hunted species in South Africa is GOING UP, increasing, not decreasing, because farmers raise ahead of demand.
    This award winning film is a con. You can’t hunt an endangered animal in South Africa – you won’t get a permit.
    Hunting for meat is understood (millions still live that way), and trophy animals are always eaten or used, too. The only difference is that with meat, the skin is thrown away wastefully. In reality, a trophy is the same as leather or steak….

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