Tale a walk on the wild(flower) side: Spring has sprung in Tilligerry

The ‘friendly’ bushfire which saved Tilligerry.


THE 30% rise in real estate prices in Tilligerry in just 12 months can be partly attributed to urban dwellers relocating to get away from the problems of the city to a more tranquil place close to the water and in harmony with nature.

Right now is the ideal time to explore our nature trails and boardwalks and there are reasons for this.

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You see, spring has well and truly sprung out here with wildflowers in bloom and locked down locals can now get out of their homes and exercise while surrounding themselves with nature’s bounty.

This, in turn, has a calming effect on the soul.

Bushfires have played a pivotal role, indeed a vital function in both making the bush bloom and protecting our homes from destruction.

It happened like this:

Some two winters ago, a fire got away at Salt Ash and came our way.

It was a blessing in disguise as it got rid of the understorey fire fuel without getting into the tops of the trees.
In the following two summers, fires came our way again, but went out when they hit the burnt out bushland.

Those very same broad acres are now in full bloom and have regenerated into a riot of colour.

It’s the same around Tanilba’s shoreline and the perimeter of the ‘Habitat’ and school.

Nuisance fires have seen the heathland vegetation spring to life and blossom.

Why not go for a stroll and see for yourself ?

The native wattles which fix nitrogen in the soil are flowering as are the hardenbergia violacea, a purple vine.

The flannel flowers which need smoke to hatch the seeds are all blooming as well.

Whilst the ‘Habitat’ building itself is closed, the nature trails and foreshore boardwalks nearby are freely available for all to use.

The therapeutic value of being up close with nature cannot be stressed enough.

Indeed German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and Prince Charles are among a long list of celebrities who gained solace and comfort from hugging trees.

Why not join them?




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