Tanilba Baptist Church adjust weekly lunches amidst Covid restrictions

A pre-Covid sit down lunch at the Church hall.


THE biblical texts have it that Jesus once performed two miracles when he turned water into wine and fed five thousand followers with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

Tanilba’s Baptist Church is doing something along the same lines but on a slightly smaller scale.

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You see, Covid-19 restrictions have changed the way the Church feeds Tilligerry locals at their Thursday weekly lunch.

This is how it works.

With social distancing and contact restrictions in place, they have changed their sit-down lunch at Church hall on Beatty Blvd, Tanilba Bay into a contact free drive by pick-up service.

The Church’s circular driveway is ideally suited to this.

The food is home cooked with fresh vegetables picked the same day from their own garden in the church grounds.

This service is available between 12 noon and 12.30 pm.

Availability of this generous welfare initiative is for Tilligerry residents only and full details are to be found on tanilbabaptistchurch.com.


The ‘Garden of Eden’ where they source fresh produce for the pick-up service.

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