Targeting sale of priority weeds in Port Stephens

Pampas grass is a priority weed in Port Stephens.


AFTER a spike in the sale of priority weeds online, Port Stephens Council is reminding the community that it’s illegal to buy or sell plants, flowers or foliage that put NSW at risk.

Council’s Natural Resources Team Leader Jordan Skinner says a number of sellers have recently been caught in Port Stephens.

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“We’ve been alerted to a number of people using Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Trading Post to sell priority weeds like Pampas grass, Prickly pear and Mother of millions online,” he said.

“Not only is it illegal and can attract fines of over $1000 per offence, it also puts our natural environment at risk.

“Selling these prohibited weeds can spread new weeds into the natural environment here in Port Stephens that was previously weed-free.

“This can harm native plants and animals by reducing biodiversity and can have a negative impact on our natural landscapes, water catchments and agriculture.

“Weeds can also impact human health and even recreational activities like boating, fishing, bushwalking and camping.”

Mr Skinner says it’s important to keep Port Stephens weed-free.

“There’s no space for weeds in Port Stephens, so if you see someone selling prohibited weeds online please report it to Council.

“We know side-hustles are a great way to get some extra cash but if you’re planning to sell plants online, it’s important to check the NSW WeedWise website or contact Council to make sure you’re not selling prohibited plants,” he said.

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Get in contact with Council’s Invasive Species team on 49880 392 or email [email protected].

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