Tea Gardens Anglican Op Shop open again for treasure hunters

The Anglican Op Shop is open again and looking forward to receiving customers


SPRING has arrived and along with the flowers our community is opening back up again.

One community service that has come back to life is the Tea Gardens Anglican Op Shop.

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The volunteers have reported a stream of enquiries about their opening status and with COVID plans firmly in place they are indeed open again.

Rob Marsh, who is a Church Parish Council member says that in some ways they were never able to stop.

“We had to keep checking to make sure the stuff people were leaving was picked up.

“People often leave things on the verandah so we had to make sure we went down and put things away.”

There are some things that are common across time and for the Op Shop it is the challenge of how donations are handled and turned into treasures to be found.

“We are trying to reeducate people to bring stuff when we are open.” Rob said.

“Because of the COVID rules we have to put stuff away for 72 hours and then it has to get re-sorted and put out.”

A lot of work goes into the shop and many volunteers make that work possible.

Janelle Campbell is one of the volunteers behind the counter.

“It’s been very important for people for their wellbeing to be able to get out and see people they know after being at home for a month.” Janelle said.

One section of the community, although transient, that the shop is missing as it opens back up are the tourists and travellers.

Visitors to the Lakes are often found among the shop’s wares looking for unique clothes or forgotten camping items.

Until the visitors return there are plenty of jewels to be found with the Op Shop open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8.30am until 12pm.




There are many treasures to be found in the op shop

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