Tea Gardens artist Joan Eastman and her painting “Hal and the Hawk”

Artist Joan Eastman’s coronative selfie souvenir.


A TIMELY story of rising hope is depicted by artist Joan Eastman in her painting “Hal and the Hawk”.

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The Hawks Nest resident and member of U3A’s art class has penned a modern legend inspired by, and in respect of, Aboriginal and First Nations legends. It carries a universal message that reflects the wishes of many during ‘coronatime’ – that we emerge stronger.

“The Spirits of Myall River conjure enough power to erase negativity and create a positive pathway to follow our visions of a life we would want to create – a life where we proceed with balance, strength, certainty and grace.

“In truth, we can be the spirits who hold this power,” Joan said.

Completed during the height of lockdown from a drawing of Bennetts Beach drafted two years ago, Hal and the Hawk unintentionally reveals constant change.

“The Surf Life Saving building was remodeled, drought-stricken plants vanished, huge mounds of sand are now clearly visible along the full length of the distant coast, and on some days a soggy Hal would be sitting in waves.

“This amazing change parallels a worldwide transformation that seems to proceed at unbelievable speed.”

With family and friends in virus-targeted Canada, the US, the UK and Russia, Joan says she feels empathy for their unyielding vigilance.

“I had learned to appreciate the little things; now I appreciate EVERYTHING,” Joan said.

With Joan’s artwork hanging in homes in Thailand, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Canada, the US and Moscow, she adds that all forms of art provide self-expression that is unique.

“Through painting, writing, singing, film, performance and photography, Myall U3A adds considerable value to our lives, sharing in our very lucky country.”


Hal and the Hawk

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