Tea Gardens Country Club: 2016 Jungle Juice Cup adventure

In front is Amanda Hammond and Julie March, with Sally Simpson and Kirsten Adam at the back.
In front is Amanda Hammond and Julie March, with Sally Simpson and Kirsten Adam at the back.

ON Tuesday 5 July, nineteen friends from the Tea Gardens Country Club’s Happy Table adventured, as previous years to Cessnock for the running of the 2016 Jungle Juice Cup.

Prior to leaving the group werewere all given some solid advice from Club Team Member Jamie.

That advice was to back Robert Thompson in all races.

With the weather not looking so kind on leaving town somehow the coach driver (Max) drove into some beautiful sunshine and we were blessed with that for most of the day only for a couple of light showers and a spectacular double rainbow with the tips inside the track.

The journey had taken the group to Maitland to pick up two Lady Lucks and continued to Abermain where all enjoyed some of the best tasting pies you could ever have (Ridgey Didge) for a early morning snack.

John recommendsthe chilli pie and Stu went for the fruit pies.

Just next door we were welcomed by the owners of the Hotel Denman Jason and Mel where we were invited to enjoy our meal in the luxury of the hotel with a few early refreshments and music.

The group then boarded the coach and headed to the race track.

Here they assembled tables and chairs to enable all to be seated and set up a great picnic lunch organised by Heather and the girls.

Throughout the day cheers and tears were seen around the tables with the girls putting money in their bags and the boys taking money out of the pockets.

This year theboys were able to pick a trifecta paying $19 30 between 9 (but it was a win) and Gary has the Percy the Punter title for next year. With Jamie’s advice, Robert Thompson had 3 wins 2 second placing from 8 races.

The 2016 Cup was won by Ultima Chance with Three Sheets (R. Thompson) running second.

Time to leave the track and head back to the Denman, the group were given a very warm welcome by Jason, Mel and there local patrons.

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What great timing,‘Happy Hour’ with cheese and crackers.

Heather called time out so on the coach we board and after a very friendly enjoyable day it is time to head home.

Thanks to Max for the late notice to drive and for the safe and comfortable journey, Heather for organising the trip, Jamie for his professional advice and Spud for his home run commentary.



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