Tea Gardens Hotel starts up new community garden

Volunteers getting started on the new community garden


TEA Gardens Hotel – a place to stay, eat, and now, garden.

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Ben Hanson, owner of Tea Gardens Hotel, said that the idea for an organic community garden had been on his mind for a while.

“It was an idea I had been toying with, and it all just kind of came together when a customer of ours came in for a meal,” said Mr Hanson.

“I was picking up glasses and Thirza was just having lunch, and she asked me if she could go into the garden and fix it up a bit.”

“I mentioned the community garden idea and she jumped right on board, asking to lead it.”

The community garden will consist of a variety of plants, herbs and produce, some of which will be used in the hotel’s restaurant dishes.

It’s open to anyone in the community, with sessions starting on Wednesday 9 September at 9am and running every Wednesday thereafter.

Those attending will need to bring their own gardening tools, and will be required to sign in before heading out to work on the community garden.

In addition to becoming more sustainable, Mr Hanson said that it will offer a great outlet for people to connect over a shared interest.

“During COVID, with everyone feeling a bit stressed, it’s a way to get your hands in the soil and back to nature,” he said.

“People can start talking again, while keeping their distance of course, and just getting back to that feeling of togetherness.”

Those interested or looking for more information can message Mr Hanson on the Tea Gardens Hotel Facebook page.



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