Tea Gardens Laundromat for sale as owners plan to retire

RETIREMENT: Nola and John Moore at Tea Gardens Laundromat.
RETIREMENT: Nola and John Moore at Tea Gardens Laundromat.

IT’S almost the end of an era for Tea Gardens Laundromat as owners John and Nola Moore have made the tough decision to retire and have listed their business for sale.

With a motto of “if it can be washed, we can do it,” John and Nola have passionately served the local community, businesses and holidaymakers for over 23 years.

The dedicated and good-humoured couple said they are “going to miss it like buggery.”

“We’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and are going to continue to enjoy whatever time we have left,” Nola said.

“We’re definitely going to miss this place, the community and the people.”

The couple brought the business after John was made redundant from his job in Sydney.

John said, “I was 55 years-old at the time and a bit long in the tooth.”

“We’d been visiting the area for more than 20 years before we brought the business,” he said.

“Nola wasn’t too sure about moving up here, but I knew it would be a good decision.”

Since then, John and Nola have become a much-respected part of the community and have also made a significant contribution to charity by donating all their tips to many organisations.

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Nola and John said they have had “some fantastic staff” which has allowed them to enjoy time away on holiday.

They have been fortunate to have witnessed the Tour de France and have also visited the Caribbean to watch the West Indies play.

John told News of the Area, “We are very apprehensive about retiring.”

“We don’t know if we’ll get along with each other, having to spend so much time together without work,” he jokingly said.

The business is currently listed with Ray White Real Estate in Tea Gardens.

Principal Stuart Sinclair said John and Nola have served the community well.

“To run a business for so long is an impressive feat,” he said.

“John and Nola will be sadly missed by the community and the many people they have worked with.”

Mr Sinclair told News of the Area there has been steady growth in the laundry and dry cleaning sector in general.

“The business would make an excellent investment or family business for the right person,” he said.

“It has been serving the community well for over 20 years and there is definitely potential for the business to grow.”

Mr Sinclair wishes John and Nola “all the best for their future.”



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