Tea Gardens man charged with assault of Ambulance officer


TWO ambulance officers have been assaulted by a patient leaving one with a serious ankle injury and the other being spat on by the offender.

NSW AmbulanceA 31-year-old Tea Gardens male is to be charged with assault upon an ambulance officer and numerous other offences in relation to the incident.

At the time of the assault, ambulance officers were conveying the male to hospital when he became violent and wrestled with the officers inside the ambulance.

Tea Gardens Police were called for urgent assistance and met the ambulance on Myall Street near the Industrial Area at about 4pm on Saturday 18 June.

On arrival, Police were able to handcuff the male who continued to wrestle violently inside the ambulance.

Police report, “During the incident the male spat a large amount of fluid on one ambulance officer and again spat throughout the ambulance itself.”

The male was eventually secured before being conveyed to the Mater Hospital.

In addition to the assault charges, the male will also be charged with malicious damage to the ambulance itself including the $18,000 electric stretcher and resist police.

NSW Ambulance Chief Executive Commissioner Dominic Morgan said NSW Ambulance has a zero tolerance policy to any form of violence towards their staff.

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“It is appalling that any person would attack a paramedic when their sole intention is to provide emergency medical aid,” Commissioner Morgan said.

“Any abuse or intimidation of our on-duty paramedics – be it verbal or physical – is completely unacceptable.”

Commissioner Morgan said NSW Ambulance works closely with Police to ensure that offenders are pursued to the full extent of the law.

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  1. First of all, could you please get the terminology correct! We are paramedics, highly trained and multi skilled, not ambulance officers. Secondly, why show a photo of a Victorian ambulance for a NSW incident

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