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Tea Gardens supporters for the Grade 4 side at Soldiers Point.


Well today I was hoping to tell a fairy story about a minnow and a shark, but the story had a sad ending so I canned it until it can be told as it should.

After a great season, ending up undefeated, the First National Dolphin Grade 4 side travelled to Soldiers Point last Saturday for the Newcastle District Pennants Sectional finals.

To say that the weather at Soldiers Point was appalling is an exaggeration, it was worse than that.

Strong gale force winds and sleety cold rain were the order of the day and the fact that teams were expected to play something resembling lawn bowls was almost laughable.

But play they did, those glorious fools.

Tea Gardens enjoyed a good win over hosts, Soldiers Point, in their first round winning all rinks and the master board 76-46.

They were full of confidence going into the afternoon match against New Lambton and played the match in horrible conditions.

They needed to win this match to book a berth in the finals but fell agonisingly short, going down by just two shots 57-59.

The loss saw them having to win against Charlestown on Sunday and they were dependent on Soldiers Point beating New Lambton.

Sunday came and although the wind had quietened down the squally rain continued.

The match against Charlestown was a tough one with scores very close for most of the match.

Charlestown had the better of the closing ends however and ran out winners 56-45.

The irony of it all was that Soldiers Point caused an upset and defeated New Lambton.

So close, so close.

The Tea Gardens side was strongly supported by a hardy band of loyal supporters.

I know that their loud cheers and affection for our side did much to lift morale during the campaign.

Well done the Fours.

In other news.

Last Wednesday, saw 50 bowlers on the greens for the usual Nominated Triples competition.

There were 14 teams of 3 and 4 pairs teams.

The winners were Vic Garlick, Graham Reynolds and Mark Nightingale.

The lucky losers were Paul Carter and Bill Jackson.

The Garden Eatery voucher was won by Dennis Ashbridge.

Our thanks to the Garden Eatery for their support.

On Thursday, super coach Peter Thornton, conducted a coaching session that was open to all bowlers, both male and female.

The session was very well supported, and Peter will continue to hold these each week at 1.00 pm, depending on demand.

It is hoped that the success of the Grade 4 side this year will inspire all bowlers to improve their skills and knowledge of the game so that we can be a Pennant force next year.

The next Championship competition at our club is the “blue ribbon” Major Singles.

A nomination sheet will be posted shortly.



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