Tea Gardens Motor Club, Club Run to the old Beatie Hotel / Pub in East Gresford



Dear News Of The Area,

RECENTLY the local Tea Gardens Motor Club had a most enjoyable Club Run to the old Beatie Hotel / Pub in East Gresford.

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We went via Freeway towards Raymond Terrace, turned into Italia Road to Seaham, than Woodville , Paterson, Vacy and arrived on a sunny day at the Beatie Hotel.

This Run was the most enjoyable scenic run with green fields, full dams and on both sides of the road we saw 50 / 100 / 200 acre properties with impressive homesteads and large sheds, besides large chicken and pig sheds.

This Club Run was now our 3rd to the Beatie Hotel.

The management of the Hotel had reserved tables with proper table cloth, well decorated for our members and we enjoyed a well priced delicious meal from their comprehensive menu.

Afterwards most members drove home via Dungog and Clarence Town.

All round a successful Club Run.

For the many newcomers to Tea Gardens / Hawks Nest it would be worthwhile to consider this beautiful scenic drive.

Juergen Seil
President TG/HN Motor Club

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