Tea Gardens Slipway Upgrade Nearing Completion

Mr Paul Bendy at the almost-completed Slipway.


THE long awaited upgrade of the Tea Gardens Slipway is fast approaching its finalisation.

Locals may have noticed the level of activity at the slipway over the last couple of months.

Paul Bendy, President of the Tea Gardens Slipway Association Incorporated, is excited that the project is nearing completion.

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“I am extremely pleased to report that the 17 week upgrade works at the slipway will be completed on time and we plan to reopen the facility on Saturday 10 July 2021.

“The upgraded facility has been designed to meet current environmental requirements which will enable us to better adapt to future requirements.”

“The new concrete apron has been shaped to collect all waste so it cannot impact the Myall River.

“Solids contained in that waste will be separated for their ease of removal.

“There have been five concrete tanks installed below ground under the concrete apron which provide various functions in the treatment of wastewater.

“The wastewater is finally processed in a fully automated treatment plant contained in the new winch-house before being disposed of in the local sewer system.

“Additionally there has been a toilet, shower and a safety eyewash station installed in the winch-house.

“Also, a new concrete driveway has been included in the design capable of supporting a 100 tonne crane, necessary for salvage operations.”

Mr Bendy admitted that this has not been a straightforward or easy project.

There have been a significant number of approvals that had to be secured before construction could start, and Mr Bendy has worked closely with Bob Lander of Tattersall Lander on the design and implementation, and with the construction team from Centurion Civil, lead by Grant Jefferson and Paul Punch.

Mr Bendy added that the environmental facilities which had to be employed to protect the Myall River during the construction phase had been significant.

“The degree of infrastructure that has been incorporated into the upgrade design of the new facility is state of the art and the Slipway Association is proud of what has been achieved,” he said.

The Slipway Association encourages interested members of the community to come along to the slipway re-opening and share in this historical event.

Come along on Saturday, 10 July at 2.00 pm to join the celebration and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about this state of the art community facility.

This date is subject to change, depending on Covid-19 restrictions.


Mr Bendy said the facility should be reopened on Saturday 10 July 2021.

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