Tea Gardens vs Karuah for Womens Bowls and the Ruth Bowden Trophy

Presidents Sandra and Robyn with the Ruth Bowden Trophy.
Presidents Sandra and Robyn with the Ruth Bowden Trophy.

TUESDAY, 28 June: There was a fairly small turnout today.

Winter was well and truly with us this morning, with beanies being the order of the day.

The matches played were one game of triples and one game of fours.

Both games finished with identical scores and the winner was finally determined by a count of ends won.

The lucky winners were Kathie Stone, Francis Betar, Karen McPhie and Lorraine Harvey.

Thursday, 30 June: The annual competition for the Ruth Bowden Trophy took place today between Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club and Karuah Women’s Bowling Club, at Tea Gardens.

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Ruth Bowden lived in Tea Gardens and was a popular member of Tea Gardens Bowling Club, which was then an RSL Club which was situated in Myall Street before moving to its present location.

In later years Ruth and her husband relocated to Karuah, where Ruth Joined the Karuah Bowling club.

After Ruth died, her husband donated a trophy, naming it in memory of his dear wife.

The Ruth Bowden Trophy Day competition was born, and has been a source of friendship and good cheer between Karuah and Tea Gardens since 1988.

The games today consisted of four games of triples and a great deal of hilarity could be heard for most of the morning.

It was good to catch up with members of the Karuah Club who have become friends over the years.

Tea Gardens won the Trophy again this year, so it stays in our trophy cabinet once again till next year.

President Robyn from Karuah asked when was the last time that Karuah wonthe trophy, and when she found out, her reply was “I didn’t really need to know that did I?” All fun!!

Tea Gardens President Sandra thanked the Karuah ‘girls ‘ for making the trip here today.

Both presidents will be out of office when our clubs compete next year at Karuah, so they were given a fond farewell, but we are sure to see them both play next year.

Social Bowls: There were fourteen bowlers present today.

Due to the Trophy Day, the social games were played on our grass green.

The format was one game of triples and two games of pairs.

The winners with the lowest score were Kerry Faber and Jo Younghusband.

Our lunch toady was catered and served and served by Stephen and wife Justine who presented us with the most delicious lasagne and salads followed by scrumptious pavlova with mixed berries and cream.

Stephen and Justine will be opening a new restaurant at the Country Club in the very near future. Can’t wait!



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