Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club Club results

Club President Robyn Webster presenting Sandra Leisemann 10 year Membership Badge.
Club President Robyn Webster presenting Sandra Leisemann 10 year Membership Badge.


Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

Tuesday 27th March: Perfect weather conditions and a perfect grass green for a game of bowls. Who could ask for more? The format for play just added to a great morning of bowls, 6 games of Pairs and a game of Triples, 18 ends.

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Prior to play club president Robyn Webster welcomed new member Lorraine Murphy who has transferred from Terrigal. Robyn acknowledged that Sandra Leisemann has been a member of TGWBC for 10 years and presented her with a badge. On Rink 8 a close contest between Pam Gilchrist and Pat Baker v Jean Glover and Karen Green.

Both teams holding 7 shots on the 8th end. Pam and Pat managed to edge ahead eventually winning by 5 shots, 18 v 13. The game of Triples played on Rink 9 eventuate in a resounding victory for Judi Polack (swinger lead). Pauline Perry and Dorothy Thompson 29 v Judi Polak, Lyn Nightingale and Sheril Johnson 9. Julie Kennedy and Lynne Green scored a massive 5 shots on the 18th end in their match to snatch victory from Carolyn Bywater and Dale Winter, 19 v15. Carolyn and Dale had a lead of 1 prior to the last end, unlucky ladies. Ingrid Luck and Jill McBride were “out in front” all the way in their contest bowling against Bev Dunn and Sandra Leisemann. Ingrid and Jill were7 shots ahead on the 4th end and this was the difference in the score at completion of play. Final score 19 v 12. A very tough battle on Rink 12, Lorraine Murphy and Maynie Roberts v Robyn Beaumont and Kayelene Pearson. A “neck to neck” battle all the way in this contest. No winners, 15 all the result, a great game. A good win for Jeanette Emmett and Lynda Richards 25 v Bette Saillard and Loretta Baker 11 on Rink 13. On rink 14 Karen McPhie and Christine Fossey had a score of 12 at the 4th end. Wilma Drake and Wendy Jones 0. The difference between the scores was reduced to 4 shots on the 11th end. The next 6 ends belonged to Christine and Karen gaining a further 10 points.

Wendy and Wilma didn’t give in, winning the last 2 ends but ultimately loosing the game, 26 v 16. The winners on the day with a 4 for a win plus ends were Judi Polak, Pauline Perry and Dorothy Thompson.

Thursday 29th March: Nine members enjoyed a roll up. A great chance to practice skills for the 5th April when our annual RSL LifeCare Pairs Competition will be held.



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