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Runners Up Ingrid Luck and Sandra Leisemann with Sheila Rattray and Irene Roberts, winners of the Minor Pairs Competition.


TUESDAY 20 July saw the final of the Minor Pairs Competition at the Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club and three games of three bowls Triples 18 ends.

Pam Gilchrist, Lyn Nightingale and Jill McBride looked like they were heading for a crushing defeat bowling against Bev Rhodes, Sheril Johnson and Robyn Beaumont.

By the 8th end they were down by 13 shots, 13 v 0.

They never gave up and ended up losing by just six shots, 19 v 13.

Sue Morris, Bette Saillard and Lynda Richards started their game v Dorothy Thompson, Jean Glover and Maynie Roberts strongly they took an early lead but by the 7th end Maynie’s team were two shots in front, 7 v 5.

Lynda’s ladies didn’t add to their tally for the next eight ends the score now 18 v 5.

Thankfully they managed to “save some face”, losing by eight shots, 21 v 13.

A big win also to Wendy Jones, Karen McPhie and Robyn Webster 18 v Dawn Jones, Judi Polak and Dale Winter 9.

The winners on the day winning with the highest score were Dorothy, Jean and Maynie.

What a great game of bowls the Final of the Minor Pairs was, Sheila Rattray and Irene Roberts v Ingrid Luck and Sandra Leisemann.

Fantastic bowling by both teams despite the strong westerly wind blowing.

Ingrid and Sandra were slow starters and by the 5th end they remained scoreless, meanwhile Sheila and Irene were holding nine points.

On the 6th end they scored their first shot and by the 12th end they were just down by two shots, the 15th end 12 all, just three ends left to be bowled.

Ingrid and Sandra won the next end and hit the front 13 v 12, then on the 17th end Sheila and Irene managed to gain five points taking the lead 17 v 13.

With just one more end to go, Ingrid and Sandra needed five shots to win or four to draw (and then have to play another end), they won the last end, two shots not enough to be the victors.

Congratulations to Sheila and Irene on your win 17 v 15.

Thursday 22 July: Social bowls three bowls Triples 12 ends.

A good win to Jean Glover (swinger lead), Bev Rhodes and Lyn Nightingale 12 v Jean, Bev Dunn and Jill McBride 5.
A close contest between Pam Gilchrist, Sheila Rattray and Karen McPhie 11 v Frances Boehm (visitor), Lynda Richards and Sandra Leisemann 8.

Ingrid Luck, Dorothy Thompson and Judy McGavock also had very evenly matched game bowling against Sue Morris, Sheril Johnson and Bette Saillard.

The winners here were Judy’s team by three shots, 9 v 6.

Coming events: Tuesday 3 August the annual RSL Pairs Trophy Day.

Tuesday 10 August is the first round of the Club Championship Triples.



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