Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club Results

Grade 2 Pennan: Karen Green, Sandra Leisemann, Pat Baker, Maynie Roberts, Kayelene Pearson, Lynne Green, Robyn Webster and Robyn Webster.
Grade 2 Pennan: Karen Green, Sandra Leisemann, Pat Baker, Maynie Roberts, Kayelene Pearson, Lynne Green, Robyn Webster and Robyn Webster.


Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

NOTHING to report about results from social bowls played as numbers down due to weather, Pennant season, holidays and unfortunately ill health.

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Nine keen bowlers had a “roll up” on Tuesday. No play on Thursday.

On Tuesday 13th February our Grade 2 Pennant teams played at home.

Both teams scoring convincing wins against Heaton Birmingham Gardens. This win added 5 points to their Master Board giving them a total of 15, 2nd place in their section.

At this point Soldiers Point (Blue) leading on 18 points, Heaton Birmingham Gardens in 3rd place with 14 and Lemon Tree Passage on 3. Grade 4 teams played away at Heaton Birmingham with a win and a loss here the 4’s just added 1 point to their tally.

Master Board scores Stockton (Blue) 18, Tea Gardens 16, Heaton Birmingham Gardens 15 and Soldiers Point (Blue) 6. All bowlers/supporters knew Thursday would be a challenging day for our Pennant teams. Both Grades in 2nd place in their section.

Thursday 15th February: Showdown, last chance to make the sectional finals.

Our Grade 2 team v Soldiers Point (Blue), leaders of their section. Soldiers Point playing “on home turf”. Great bowling by both our teams resulted in 4 points added to our tally and just 1 point to the Soldiers Point side.

The downside being that Heaton Birmingham Gardens defeated Lemon Tree Passage and gained the maximum 5 points. In doing so, the result 3 teams in this section on 19 points. Unfortunately there is only one winner per section.

On count back of ends won over all the games Soldiers Point (Blue) 46, TGWBC 38, Heaton Birmingham Gardens -2. Soldiers Point (Blue) declared winners. Well done Grade 2, “so near and yet so far”.

Grade 4 teams played at home against Stockton (Blue), who were leading us by just 2 points.

Fortunately here one of our teams had a very good win and the other lost, thankfully by a much narrower margin than the 16 shots that they were losing by at one stage. Overall the Grade 4 team scored 4 points. Master Board score TGWBC 20, Stockton (Blue) 19.

Heaton Birmingham Gardens 15 and Soldiers Point (Blue) 6. Result Tea Gardens Grade 4 team will represent our club at the post sectional final to be held on the 12th and 13th March.

Good luck teams, bring home a flag.

Thanks to all members of our club that helped out during this Pennant Season. Just to name a few, Umpires Pam Gilchrist, Kathie Rimmer and Karen McPhie. Controlling Body (most games), Dale Winter.

Vice President Margaret Smith for everything you do. Sheril Johnson, Julie Kennedy and Ingrid Luck always there.

Spectators/supporters that cheered us on. Apologies to anyone I have missed. Social bowls as usual every Tuesday and Thursday.

Just a reminder, Sunday bowls, every Sunday. Open to all new, old, visitors anyone interested in bowling. Names submitted by 0900 Sunday, play commences 1000.

Bowls, BBQ lunch and fun for $12.



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