Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club results

Robyn Webster presenting Carolyn Bywater with her 10 year Badge.
Robyn Webster presenting Carolyn Bywater with her 10 year Badge.


Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

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Tuesday 11th September: Social bowls played 2 games of Fours and a game of Triples. Good to have visiting bowler Deidre Rust from Harboard Bowling Club bowling with us. Jean Glover, Ingrid Luck, Bev Stephens and Dale Winter just managed a win by one shot on the last end played. They defeated Jeanette Emmett, Pam Gilchrist, Lynda Richards and Lynne Green, the score 19 v 18. A convincing win to Loretta Baker (“swinger lead”), Christine Fossey, Lily Smith and Lorraine Murphy 24 v Loretta, Carolyn Bywater, Sandra Leisemann and Elizabeth Kelly 24. The Triples game resulted in a win for Bev Rhodes, Carol Hayden and Deidre Rust 21 v Sheril Johnson, Jill McBride and Deyonne Page 10. The first round of the Annis Young Consistency Competition was played. Only 5 competitors in this competition this year, the 2 finalists will represent our bowling club at the NDWBA Annis Young Memorial Consistency Competition held on the 22nd, 23rd and 25th October. Round 1 was a contest between Bette Saillard and Maynie Roberts. Bette held the lead till the 11th end then Maynie remained in front until the 25th end when the score was equalised at 125. Maynie claimed victory 6 ends later 155 v 135. Thanks to our Umpire Karen Green and Marker Jo Younghusband.

Prior to play club President Robyn Webster presented Carolyn Bywater her “10 year of bowling” badge. Deyonne Page was our lucky raffle winner this week. Enjoy your meal at The Myall Bistro and Café, Deyonne.

Thursday 13th September: As usual our $5 day for 12 ends of bowling. Format for play was 2 games of Pairs, no winners no losers just a good way to spend your morning. The social bowlers stayed after their games to watch the 2nd round of the Annis Young Competition. On Rink 2 Lynda Richards v Lynne Green. This was a hard fought battle from beginning to end. I, (Lynda) was granted a 10 point start, as I have never won a major competition. I managed to hold the lead until the 20th end when Lynne took the lead by 2 shots, 116 v 114. Gaining 9 shots on the 23rd end helped my score enormously. On the 29th end victory was mine 158 v 142. Maynie Roberts and Robyn Beaumont battled it out on Rink 4. Maynie took an early lead, losing it on the 10th end. By the 16th end Maynie had regained the lead by 6 shots, 83 v 77. From then on Robyn took control winning on the 28th end 151 v 129. To the Umpire Karen McPhie and the Markers Jean Glover and Bette Saillard much appreciation. Good bowling to Robyn Beaumont and Lynda Richards at the District Event of this competition.

Good bowling to our 3 teams representing TGWBC at the Newcastle District Spring Carnival 17th – 20th September. Ruth Bowden Trophy Day will be bowled on the 27th September.

Thanks to all our local businesses who are willing to commit to our annual Oncology Day, to be held 19th October.

Last year with your donations we raised $7500 for the Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital. Here’s hoping this year will be as big or even bigger.



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